A journey to Scotland to visit World Federation of Healing


Last week I was invited to visit the location of the new World Federation of Healing headquarters on the Isle of Skye.The journey up to Scotland also provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet fellow WFH Healers in Glasgow.

Jac Coleman and Sally-Ann lead the ‘Angels of Harmony Healing Association’ and several Spiritual Churches in South East Glasgow. They have strong links with their local community and find that the services of their team are in constant demand.

The following day I travelled up to Skye with Roy, founder of World Federation of Healing. Although the weather was not ideal, the scenery on the five hour journey was amazing!

As it turned out, my visit was well timed to coincide with the first groundbreaking on the World Federation of Healing croft. In the photograph you will see the archaeologist that we had to have on site to check the earth as it was removed. Luckily nothing of importance was found and we soon had the site stripped and ready for the road base and foundations. The freshly dug soil will be used to make raised beds at the bottom of the croft, ready for the first crop of potatoes.


The croft has a unique energy. Skye is generally very pure and clean but on the croft it was as though time stood still (along with my mind!) I was easily able to unwind and just ‘be’. Roy, his wife Maria and their son Seth will soon be able to move onto the site and begin the construction of their new home and WFH headquarters.

Their aim is to create a development that works with and embraces nature and the land. They couldn’t have chosen a better spot. With views across to Dunvegan Loch, several streams running through the croft and a backdrop of snow capped mountains; you will almost certainly find yourself deeply connecting with nature. As I stood and took in my surroundings, all I could hear was birdsong, water trickling and the occasional sheep bleat.

The development will explore ideas of permaculture, healing and sustainable living from the ground up. Recycled and sustainable materials will be used wherever possible and Roy and his family aim to develop a horticultural project that reflects the goals of WFH.


You can follow the progress of the development on the WFH Facebook page HERE

Huge thanks to Roy, Maria and Seth for sharing their project (and Skye) with me x

Jackie –  THF Principal

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