Healing Core Curriculum Consultation day

healing core curriculum

In my role as Principal of The Healing Foundation, I recently attended a meeting in London hosted by the ‘Joint Lead Body for Healing’. The day was devoted to discussion of the Healing Core Curriculum and future developments in Healer Training in the UK.

Along with other organisation leaders, I was able to give some input and express any concerns about the proposed core curriculum for Healer training. We discussed in detail how to maintain standards in our profession.

It was an interesting experience for me to meet and mingle with people who have generally been part of the Healing movement for many years. Although I was very much the ‘new girl’, having taken over as Principal of The Healing Foundation just 18 months ago, I was really proud of the fact that our Healer Training already meets and in some cases exceeds, all of the core curriculum guidelines.

I can now confidently look forward to the next 18 months of training Healers and taking Healing further into the public eye :-)

Jackie Barber.

Healer training in Essex

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