Course options

Course options will depend on previous experience. Healing courses are available for all levels of training from beginners to advanced.


Healer Training

‘The course has given me more of an overall view of healing slotting together all the pieces of the jigsaw. I love natural healing, it is so simplistic and can be done by anyone

Please check ‘Healing Courses‘ page for dates and venues.


Course content

Introduction to healing workshop

This interactive workshop teaches the basics of healing and will give you plenty of opportunity to give and receive healing yourself. It is essential for anyone wishing to embark on the THF full one year Training course or for those wishing to learn how to give healing to family and friends. The price for this workshop is reduced so that it is available to all.

3 Month ‘basic healer training’

This training course is designed for those who don’t want to give Healing to the general public but who want to learn basic Healing skills so that they can help family and friends . This course is designed to follow on from the ‘Introduction to Healing’ Workshop. The first three months covers all the basic healing skills including learning a healing routine and learning about the Code of Conduct.
Healer training course In order to practise as a Healer you have to be professionally trained and accredited by a Healing Organisation such as THF. After completing the 3 month basic training course, you can continue your training on this course. You will need to complete a further 12 months of our ‘core training’ and a short probationary period.(a minimum of 100 hours healing practice). For full membership students must be aged 18 or over (students of 16 or 17 will need a parent or guardian’s written permission) This is an interactive course giving you plenty of opportunity to give and receive healing. On the programme students will learn about holistic healing and the essential qualities of a healer and good practice. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of giving healing and the healer-client relationship.Our training meets the National Occupational Standards for Healing.’Fast track’ options are available for those with previous healing experience ie. Reiki & Rahanni.
Introduction to communication skills This workshop teaches basic skills in knowing how to listen and respond to people and how to establish rapport with a client. There are many other areas where good communication skills apply, including maintaining a professional distance and understanding personal boundaries and how to deal tactfully with delicate situations which are included in this workshop.

‘I feel my spiritual journey has been enhanced in a special way by the time spent on this course. Lovely days spent with special people.’