IN MEMORY OF EVELYN MARR (by Madeleine Fletcher)

Evelyn first came to THE CHESHAM HEALING CENTRE at the Sun House as a client.

A few months later she kindly offered to sit at the reception desk as a way of saying thank you for all the support she was receiving. We welcomed her with open arms.

Evelyn was very organised and soon had a good system in place for our benefit. It wasn’t long before she expressed an interest in healer training. At that time we had an excellent training program in place supported by THF.

Evelyn became a dedicated healer and listener, a huge asset always willing to help in any way to the smooth running of the centre.

Sadly over the last years ill health prevented her offering healing. It was our turn to support her again.

We were all very sad to say goodby to such a beautiful soul. Remembered and never forgotten.

                                                                    Love and light to Evelyn 🌟

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