New Student members begin training

In mid-January I welcomed a new group of student healers to The Healing Foundation. They are a really keen bunch and they couldn’t wait to get started! Most of them are from the local area (Essex) but we also have Sara joining us from East London and Archie from Dumfries. Archie will be working with the group part-time due to the distance involved. The rest of the time he will be studying at home and having regular mentoring sessions with me.

Some of our new Students.

After some introductions and some light-hearted chatter, the group soon began to bond. They enjoyed a day of ‘healing history’, ‘healing preparation’ and of course some practical energy work. They also seemed to enjoy the homemade cake that I provided at break-time!

I look forward to helping them on their healing journey this year :-)

JackieHealer Trainer



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