Peter’s Story

When I asked members to send me their news last month, I received this lovely story from Peter. Living in the Scottish Borders, Peter’s healing work is mainly with horses and he has written books about his experiences. This story just goes to show that healing can work in various ways.

“Last winter I rescued a two year old gypsy cob, Tilly, that had arrived on the farm a few months previously in very poor physical condition & had not been well handled. The owner didn’t have the experience to cope with her, so I bought her off him. She then lived with my horse Hero & in the spring of 2016 she was backed & ridden for a short distance. During the summer three girls, aged between 10 & 12 years old rode her on different weeks. Also there was a small boy aged 4 who had a speech impediment living in a farm cottage above the field where Hero & Tilly lived. Occasionally his mum would bring him down to talk to Tilly. One day Karen, who was riding Hero & leading Tilly, thought as she approached the cottages, “I don’t know which one this boy lives in.” Suddenly Tilly stopped dead at a cottage & out of the front door came the boy to talk to Tilly.

Tilly the Filly 2

In the autumn I put the attached photo on a notice board in a shop that sells food for animals, saddlery, clothes etc. with a note saying that I was looking for a child to ride with Karen at the weekends. A 14 year old girl’s mum got in touch. This girl has been riding at the weekends & over the Christmas/New Year holidays. This girl suffers from Anxiety Block. If her teacher, some one she doesn’t know very well or a stranger talks to her; she panics, freezes & can’t talk. By riding Tilly (now a 3 year old) she is starting to talk more & more. This week she had a serious panic attack because she was due to take an exam. Her mum brought her up to the stable in the evening to have cuddles & talks with Tilly. She was able to sit her exam.

Tilly at the BUA Show

Healing helped Tilly the gypsy cob.

Photo at one of the shows this summer with Karen but showing off!! She is a super star, her healing went on last winter. All animals can heal humans & some take on the disease that their human owners have in an attempt to save them. When visiting old folks home I always take a dog in & they all want to talk to them. I wish people would respect & honour how intelligent animals are.”

Thank-you for sharing with us Peter xx


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