Healer Training


At THF we believe it is important that we provide professional training for healers at all levels in order to offer the best service and protection for both our healers and the general public.
Our courses are split into three sections, Accredited Introductory Workshops, Accredited Healing Course, and CPD Workshops.

Our core training programme is slightly shorter than some healing organisations. This is because we have confidence in our trainers and our training materials. Small classes enable us to give each student individual attention throughout their training period.

Our trainers work independently but in line with the THF set curriculum and learning materials. Prices may vary depending on venues and area.

All of our workshops and courses are healing related and are designed to expand and update healing abilities and qualifications.

Natural Healing Course information

Reiki Training:  The THF offers Reiki training for exisiting healers only, since we believe that healer practitioners need to be trained as mainstream healers first.  This is because the full Two Year Training programme offers best practice and protection for healers and the public.  For those who are already healers and for students on the full Healer Training programme, then the Reiki attunements can provide a boost of the healing energy and strengthen healing abilities. If you have had Reiki training and wish to obtain an Accredited Healing Certificate then THF have several fast track schemes available.

Rahanni Celestial Healing training: as with Reiki, Rahanni attunements can provide a boost to your healing work and can be taught by one of our Trainers. Rahanni is a relatively new healing modality of a high vibration. For more information visit LINKS

For more information on any of our Workshops and Courses please contact:

Jackie Barber (THF Principal) jackie@thehealingfoundationuk.org       Telephone: 07807255921